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Enterprise information

XG-BUILDING|Bing brother's official website upgraded

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Recently, XG-BUILDINGg--Bing brother's official website has been upgraded to show the rivers and lakes with a new look.

The official website has two websites: PC ( and mobile ( The WeChat applet version is customized and directly linked to the public number of XG-BUILDING. The friends can use different paths. Get the latest news easily and quickly.

The public number link is as follows:

In order to facilitate the access to the technical operation and maintenance and promotional materials of the XG-BUILDING, Bing Brother is on the official website: the technical support section, which classifies all the data, and carefully records the product demonstration videos of some common technical problems.
At the same time, the relevant information download and video playback can be supported on the official website of the mobile phone and the public number, and there is no need to worry about forgetting to bring the manual at the construction and maintenance site.



1. Technical information: You can download before you register, you only need to register once, remember the account password, and you can log in and download next time. 2. Planning and publicity: You can directly download the practical VI information including the latest color pages, posters, and display boards.


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"Focus on products and wisdom for 20 years", XG-BUILDING now has: 8 series of products, 23 years of professional manufacturing experience, 32 sales service agencies, more than 2,500 partners, 30 million end users.

As a pioneer and well-known company in the industry, the company continues to improve product performance, and is committed to integrating building intercom, video intercom, access control, smart home, parking and monitoring system products to provide customers with complete smart community solutions; XG-BUILDING will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “perfect and perfect”, and make friends with the world in good faith to create a smart community.