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Enterprise information

Before September 25th | Free access to the Fair Tickets

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Come on!

From October 28th to 31st, the 17th China International Public Safety Expo (“CPSE Anbo”) was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

As the launch time approaches, the CPSE AMB Expo viewer registration entry is now open. In order to facilitate the participating partners, Starlight's brothers have prepared for everyone - free access to the AMB ticket guide, partners remember to register in advance.

Sign-up Process
step 1: scan the code to pay attention to "Starlight Building" WeChat public number

Step 2: Select “Starlight Operation and Maintenance” – Participate in the registration

step 3: stamping the registration

Step 4: Then select the registration method according to the requirements and fill in the registration information.

Step 5: Obtain the QR code of the registration receipt. During the exhibition, the return receipt QR code will be exchanged for the documents at the on-site registration office.

Brother Bing welcomes friends in Hall 2 C25!

Sign up now! See you at the show!