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A5D Villa Host

basic information


● Built-in high-definition digital camera with adjustable angle and wide field of view

● Light touch button operation with voice prompts, easy to use

● Standard 18S/IC card reader. The default setting is local card issuance (management card), which can be issued through PC.

● Standard TCP/IP communication. Support LAN connection

● Support PC center remote upgrade and local upgrade


Product parameters

● Camera resolution: 200W pixels

● Video output: 1280 * 720 resolution, 30 frames / sec

● Video codec format: H.264

● Minimum illumination: 0.2Lux (with luminous compensation lamp)

● Audio encoding format: PCM

● Power: DC15-18V

● Standby power consumption: <2W

● Maximum power consumption: <5W

● Communication method: TCP/IP

● IC card capacity: PC card issuing mode: unlimited amount Local card issuance: 100 sheets

● Dimensions: 210*110*33mm

● Installation size: 210*110*33mm (surface mounted)

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